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Hi, this page will tell you a little bit about the books I have written and books that are on the way!

I love writing for children, young adults and older adults too!  All my books are very different and for different people.

Books make great travel companions for children, teenagers and young adults and are a life saver for all those boring times sitting at train stations, at the airport or trying to get to sleep in a strange city. If you are interested in purchasing one of my books, they are available on Amazon,   or online through my author website

I hope your children enjoy reading them. 🙂

My first book The Pirate Princess and the Golden Locket is a middle grade children’s book about a young girl, Lotty, who faces many difficulties, including pirates, and being shipwrecked. There is lots of action and fun in the story, with friendship and resilience being strong themes.

My next two books, Seventeen and Rage are a Post Apocalyptic Series called The Seventeen Series for young adults. Based in the Australian outback, the stories follow two young sisters, Lexi and Hadley and their survival when a deadly virus wipes out the adult population of the world. The main themes in this series are again resilience, bullying, and family. I wrote this story in 2016, however it now feels very ominous given the current Coronavirus situation!

I have two new books coming out later in 2020. Take your Kids To Tokyo. A travel guide book for parents, grandparents and carers wanting to travel with their children. The book will provide helpful tips, and ideas on where to eat, what to see and how to get around Tokyo for families.

Tokyo for Otaku. This is also a travel guide book, however, it caters more towards gamers, cosplay artists, fashion, anime and car enthusiasts.




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