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Why visit Japan?

Japan is an amazing travel destination. A beguiling mixture of old and modern, futuristic cities and traditional temples all rolled into one.There is always something interesting and quirky to see, whether it be Geishas wandering the streets of Kyoto in traditional kimonos, futuristic robots in Tokyo’s National Museum of Emerging Science or eating rainbow coloured grilled cheese sandwiches in Harajuku.

Our family always felt safe when travelling around Japan, the people were tremendously polite and the public transport system was extremely efficient making it easy to get around. I once left my handbag on a seat when using the subway train in Shinjuku and a local lady came running after us as we exited the train to ensure I didnt lose it.

Another aspect of Japan we found gratifying is the level of customer service. Customers are always treated in high regard and every effort is made to ensure your happiness. On our first trip to Japan when our children were younger, I remember sitting down to a meal and realising the children would have difficulty eating as they didnt know how to use chopsticks and the restaurant did not supply knives and forks. The next minute I saw one of the waiters come running back into the restaurant. He had been down the street to a nearby store to purchase some cutlery for us! It was so thoughtful. We felt a little embarressed, but hugely taken care of.

If you are looking for a place to take your family on holiday that can provide culture, history, innovativeness and fun, then take your kids to Japan. It’s a facinating place to visit.      





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